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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Slave to the Masses

I have lived in Atlanta for about 7 years and for the greater part of 5 years while I was in college I had the opportunity to serve in some rewarding volunteer opportunities. I say some because, yes, there were a few "opportunities" that I would have gladly negotiated their title. Such as trimming hedges down to size that were at first the makings of a successful small town (when I was finished..13 hours later... I found twigs in rather questioning places and scratches in equally alarming ones) or visiting the Georgia School for the Deaf, where I think the main "break through moments of unity and brotherhood" were captured when the children in unison were laughing at our team's turtle-like speed of sign language along with hit or miss accuracy. From my agony and embarrassment I warn you, the letter "T" and the sign for "toilet" are indeed very similar. Now I have digressed, but for good reason. Now that I'm back in Atlanta and have successfully negotiated a job I am looking for ways to spend my time that would be rewarding as some of the volunteer opportunities that did, in fact, impact my life for the better. But I am discouraged! Today I was thumbing through the new Hands on Atlanta magazine and the only needs I see in all of the pages of this Atlanta service magazine bring back bad memories of hedge trimmers and unintentional toilet inquiries. Listen to this: volunteers needed to assist in recycling, volunteers needed to sort clothing, assist with labeling, cook and serve breakfast, clean up facility, and the lists goes on. Come on! I maybe a little picky with where I spend my time but throw me a bone here. I don't want to drive all the way downtown to spend 4 hours sorting clothes or cleaning up. My attitude may be the reason why they need such help in these areas but please, where are the jobs doing the interesting stuff? Molding young minds, assisting AIDS programs and patients, turning youth from their violent ways. Where can I really feel involved, be excited about it and leave without too many bush scrapes? Am I the only one that isn't moved by opportunities to scrub floors? I guess my search must continue but I am encouraged in this one thought; that maybe doing these types of meager jobs might be a means to an end. Maybe trimming hedges will allow me the opportunity to do some thing greater later. But my fear is, that trimming hedges might become my greatest attribute to an organization that just really needs clean hedges.


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