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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My First Attempt

What to say-----starting a blog is a little unnerving for a girl that keeps her journal tucked in the most secretive places with initials of those I'm talking about for the "just in case" chances someone would ever read my thoughts. The paper can't be trusted, I tell you, it's desire to tell all to the world is deep within its blank white stare. Now look at me, writing on a open forum where my garbage man could be reading with interest (more probably without interest) the reason for the discarded paper mache igloo. Well, I can't explain my reasonings but to say that I wanted to be a part of the club and something inside me, deep inside to be sure, wants to know if there are more people out there with the same wild ramblings and ideas as me. Of course I must start by showing some pictures, right?:

Alright here is my sister Jen, my brother Joe and me Kim (I'm in the middle).

We are in Cancun, Mexico for a family vacation.

Here are my favorite and only parents. Cute aren't they?

This is also a picture taken in Cancun. Our next family vacation? Skiing in Utah in Feburary! I can't wait.


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